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Peter Luger Steakhouse - Brooklyn, NY



After a longer than anticipated break, is back in action.  With the ringing in of the New Year, our resolution is to bring our focus back to providing you with the reviews and recipes you have come to expect from us.  Our first post of 2014 is on one of the best steakhouses in all of New York City.  We present to you, Peter Luger Steakhouse.  Any self-respecting steak lover should already know the name Peter Luger, but for the rest of you, get ready to find your next foodie destination.  

Peter Luger Steakhouse has been serving up steaks since 1887, which is a really long time.  Seriously, that is 127 years of serving flame broiled beef.  Luger only serves one cut of beef, which is known as short loin.  Short loin is a cut of beef that comes from the back of the cattle.  This cut includes the top loin and tenderloin.  When choosing their short loin, Luger only selects cattle that have been graded “prime” by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Prime, which typically has abundant marbling, is produced from young, well-fed cattle.  These cuts are perfect for grilling, roasting and broiling.  Each individual loin is examined for a pink color with an even marbling of fat throughout.  Once the loins are selected, Luger starts the process of dry-aging their beef.  The dry-aging process begins by placing the beef in a temperature-controlled cooler.  While in the cooler, air is circulated all around the meat.  After being properly aged, each loin is butchered and then broiled.  This is an intensive, yet necessary process to produce the best steaks in New York City.

Now that you know what makes Peter Luger so special, you need a reservation.  This is no easy task.  Luger typically has a 3 month wait for dinner reservations.  If you want to check it out, but don't want to wait a small eternity, you can try your luck stopping in for lunch.  Once you have your reservation in hand, come prepared for some sticker shock.  Unfortunately, we don't remember the exact pricing per person, but expect to pay about $100 each if you plan to have side dishes.  Things have changed recently, but in the past, Luger only accepted two forms of payment: Cash and Peter Luger Credit Cards.  It was a nice quirk to the place—as long as you had cash on you.   However, they recently succumbed to the masses and now accept other major credit cards.  

Once you enter Luger you will immediately notice the decor and the waiters.  The dining area is filled with classic wooden beer hall tables, exposed wooden beams, and chandeliers that make you feel as though you have stepped back in time. Luger has a classic feel to it, avoiding the over the top furnishings of newer restaurants.  The waiters, who are typically older gentleman, are very entertaining, with plenty of one-liners up their sleeves.  They remind you of that uncle that’s always giving everyone a hard time, but you have to admit he's pretty hilarious.  The atmosphere is the perfect setup for an amazing meal.

Now, you may be wondering how we got our reservation.  It was actually on a whim.  At about 4pm on a Wednesday night, we got a call from our friend Pauly.  A group of his friends had reservations for weeks, but on the day of, a handful of people backed out.  In a matter of minutes,  a decision had to be made.  We did not have the cash or the mental preparation to spend upwards of $100 per person for dinner, but it was Luger.  We couldn’t sleep at night knowing that we passed on an opportunity like this.  We bit the bullet and agreed to go.  It was the best/worst decision in the world. 

So, what is on the menu?


The Menu:

If you skipped ahead to this point, it’s okay.  We know you have been dying to see what Luger has to offer.  The menu is rather simple with a rotating daily lunch menu highlighted by a 1/2 pound burger topped with cheese and bacon.  Then, there are the appetizers.  Two of the best options are the extra thick slabs of bacon and the jumbo shrimp cocktail.  The meat selection is less intimidating than you would think.  You order your steaks by the amount of people you want to feed (i.e. steak for two). For If you are not in the mood for steak, you shouldn't be at Luger.  However, if you’re there on a steak sabbatical, you can choose from lamb chops or the fresh seasonal fish.  In addition to your main dish, you will want to add sides to your meal, such as potatoes, broccoli, creamed spinach and onion rings.  Once dinner is done, and if you have saved any room, there are a handful of desserts to choose from ranging from classics like apple strudel and New York cheesecake to their famous homemade "Schlag".

What We Ate:

Sliced Tomatoes & Onions

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Thick Cut Slab Bacon

Steak for Three

Steak with Fried Potatoes and Creamed Spinach

Homemade "Schlag"

Chocolate Luger's Coins

We began our meal with the tomato and onion plate.  It looked like the type of plate you would see at a BBQ with all the fixins for your burger.  We’re not really sure why you would want this as a side dish, but the tomatoes were extremely fresh.  This dish seems to be a Luger classic, but we would probably pass on this in the future.  We also started with the Jumbo Shrimp.  There wasn’t anything special about the preparation of the shrimp, but as you can see, they were pretty massive.  We definitely had our fill.  Following the shrimp, we each got a plate full of slab bacon.  The bacon was broiled in the oven and had a nice crisp outside.  It was thick cut and could almost be a meal on its own.  We would definitely recommend getting the bacon.

After a few minutes of digestion, the main meal—steak for 8—arrived.  This consisted of 3 plates of steak for 3.  The steak came to the table piping hot with all pieces cooked medium rare.  The waiters will warn you that the plates are extremely hot and they are not exaggerating.  The plates are placed under the broiler with the steak, and they come to the table upwards of 500 degrees.  They are so hot, in fact, that if your steak is a bit underdone for your taste, you only need to put it on the plate to cook for a few more seconds.  The steak itself is flame broiled to achieve a nice golden crust and then drizzled with butter.  As we mentioned, the steak is cooked medium rare and it really allows you to appreciate the natural flavor of the dry-aged beef.  The butter melted over the steak just adds to its decadence.  While the steak comes pre-cut to the table, making eating rather easy, the best part is actually a challenge.  To taste the best Luger has to offer, you need to get a bit dirty and eat right off the bone.  The meat that is right on the bone has an amazing rich flavor that does not make its way throughout the rest of the steak.  We made sure to gnaw on a couple in the restaurant and we took the rest home for later.  These bones are not for the dogs.

If you enjoy your steak with steak sauce, Peter Luger has you covered.  Their homemade sauce is a cross between a spicy horseradish sauce and cocktail sauce.  It has a nice brown color and a tangy, almost sour flavor that really compliments the richness of the steak.  We prefer eating our steak plain, but the Luger sauce it certainly worth a taste.

We accompanied our steak with creamed spinach and fried potatoes.  The creamed spinach was very rich.  Even though we are not huge spinach fans it was actually quite good.  While it may appear to be on the heavy side, it was lighter than you would expect.  The fried potatoes were very good.  They had great flavor and the best part was that the pieces were cooked to a crisp, which added a nice crunch to the meal.  The potatoes were seasoned perfectly and were a great compliment to the steak.  We were big fans of the combo steak and potato bites.

After all of this food, we somehow had room for dessert.  Well, to be honest, we didn't have any room, but we were peer pressured by our waiter to at least eat some of the famous Luger "Schlag".  The Schlag is a cross between fresh whipped cream and Cool Whip.  We were eating it by the spoonful and even took some of our chocolate Luger coins and dipped them in the Schlag.

Should or Should Not Eat:

This is not even a hard decision.  Peter Luger is a total Should Eat.  Between being one of the most famous steakhouses in New York City and the golden crust of the dry-aged steak, you need to eat here.  It is not cheap, but you will walk away extremely satisfied.  For any steak lover, Luger is a must on your Steakhouse Bucket list.  Come for the steak, but bring an appetite for all of the sides and desserts.

Restaurant Information:

Peter Luger's Steakhouse

Brooklyn, NY: 178 Broadway.> 718.387.7400


Crown Victoria - Brooklyn, NY


This post has been a few months in the making.  We actually visited the Crown Victoria over the summer after hearing that they hosting weekly pig roasts on Sundays throughout the summer.  Who doesn't love a pig roast?, well we do!  We went there bright and early only to find out that the pig was still cooking and it would be about an hour until it was ready.  As a result we settled in with some drinks and started the painful process of waiting for our pig to be done.  Too bad it was one of the hottest days of the summer and we too felt as if we were roasting.  That tid bit of irony was lost on us at the time.  The one upside to being there early was that we were able to get some quality photos of the pig cooking.  It also allowed us to learn more about the Crown Victoria as we had never been there before.  It turned out to have a pretty large bar on the inside which has a large weekend brunch.  It was the massive backyard that made us realize that the Crown Vic was definitely the perfect Summer bar hangout,  Especially when you want to sit out side and enjoy the sun with a cool one.  To top it off outside they also had bacci ball courts, cornhole and a volleyball court.  After what felt like 10 hours, finally the pig was about to come off the spit, so without further delay we present the Pig Roast.

The Menu:

The menu at Crown Victoria boasts plenty of bar classics such as wings, burgers and nachos.  They are also serving dishes like The Runny pig which is Pulled pork that is slow braised in Peak Organic Amber Ale served on a brioche bun with a sunny side egg or the Guinness Stew, made with hearty beef chunks simmered in a Guinness broth with potatoes and other seasonal vegetables.  This diverse menu is perfect because there is something for everyone here. 

What We Ate:

Slow Roasted Pig - in a spicy citrus marinade

Grilled Zucchini

Grilled Sweet Onions in a lemon marinade

Charred Fresh Sweet Corn with a spicy mayo

Homemade Corn Bread soaked in pork juices

The pig was worth the wait, it was fresh tasty. It had a slight citrus flavor thanks to the marinade and the meat was very tender.  The house made hot sauce added a nice amount of heat to the pork and another depth of flavor.  On our plate we had some of the shoulder as well as a rib.  The shoulder was much more tender and had better flavor than the rib.  The rib was a bit under cooked which is one of the common problems when roasting a pig.  However we have trained our systems to handle all food borne illnesses, so we continued to eat the meant anyway.  Another half hour would have finished off this pig nicely.  All in all it had some good flavor and was pretty cool to see a pig roast.  The corn was very good with tons of flavor that you get from good local summer corn.  The spicy mayo added a nice creaminess to the corn and just enough kick.  The onions were a strange side dish o serve but were cooked nicely and we enjoyed the lemon marinade they were in.   The Zucchini was pretty standard and nothing really to write home about.  The corn bread was awesome, when getting the corn bread we were offered i dry or wet.  We had never had wet cornbread before so we asked the chefs opinion and he said wet without hesitation.  The Chef knows best so we went with Wet, and he was right.  Corn bread soaked in the pig juices was delicious.  It added this salty smokiness to the corn bread without causing it to be too soggy.  It was a great addition to the meal.  The food was pretty good, but the price was a bit steep as the pig did not come with sides.  We paid about $25 each for the food and would have liked a bit more than what we got.  We would certainly go back so it is worth checking out especially if you are looking for somewhere to sit outside and enjoy the sun with a few friends and a handful of beers.

Should or Should Not Eat:

Crown Victoria has earned a Should Eat from us.  Offering a pig roast every Sunday in the summer was awesome and with a diverse menu it should please most appetites.  The food is not 5 star but it is good and coupled with the atmosphere make the Crown Vic worth visiting.

Restaurant Information:

Crown Victoria

Brooklyn, NY: 60 s 2nd St.> 917.719.6072


Bellwether - Brooklyn, NY


Bellwether is one of the newest restaurants to join the Williamsburg food scene.  It is owned by the husband and wife team Josh Cohen and Blair Papagni, whom over the past year have successfully opened both Calyer and St. Vitus.  Manning the kitchen at Bellwether is head chef Dan Ross, from the ever popular Fatty Cue.  We first heard about Bellwether from a friend who told us that the menu had an array of unique food not found on many menus.  Since we can't resist trying unique and unusual foods we jumped at the chance to visit Bellwether.

The Menu:
The menu at Bellwether offers a selection of unique dishes, the majority of them featuring seafood with Spanish influences.  These dishes include such combinations as fried oysters on a bun with tartar sauce, pickled jalepeños.  Roasted blue fish with corn, nardello peppers & pickled chanterelles.  Steamed clams on toast with roasted nardello peppers.  If you are not a huge seafood fan there are plenty of other options such as pork sausage & bacon braised with cranberry beans & kale or a cheeseburger & fries with tillamook cheddar, red onion, b&b pickles & mayo.  The only bad part of the menu is also the best part, it changes every few weeks to include seasonal ingredients and specials.  With so many options we decided to get a variety of dishes and share them around the table.

What We Ate:

Stuffed Squash Blossoms - stuffed with seafood and topped with salsa verde

Marinated white Anchovies - With toasted bread & butter with sweet pickled peppers 

Lamb Tartare - with fried bread, minted yogurt, pickled egg, capers & toasted spices

Spicy twice cooked oxtails -  with lots of herbs, peanuts & fried shallots

Pan Seared Grouper - with a fresh vegetable salad

Braised Chicken - with cilantro & almonds 

White pound cake - topped with icing and a fresh apricot sauce

Warm Chocolate Cake - filled with handmade peanut butter

The dishes at Bellwether were reminiscent of our favorite restaurant Traif.  They offered fresh ingredients mixed together and cooked in unique combinations.  We started the night with stuffed squash blossoms.  They were filled with seafood and topped with salsa verde.  The blossoms were similar to Asian dumplings, the stuffing was a salty mix of what seemed to be crab and shrimp.  The mild seafood flavor mixed with the intense salsa verde provided the perfect bite to start off the meal.  

The next dish to arrive at the table was marinated white anchovies with toasted bread & butter with sweet pickled peppers.  We have never been the biggest fans of fish, so this dish was a bit intimidating but we decided to go for it anyway.  Who would have thought we would actually like anchovies.  Since they were marinated and pickled they did not have the fishiness we were expecting.  The anchovies combined with the sweet peppers and toast were actually one of our favorite dishes of the night.  It was light but intensely flavorfull and has turned us on to pickled anchovies at least for the moment.

We didn't think anything could make us more squeamish than trying fish, but we were wrong, next to the was lamb tartare.  The idea of eating raw meat has always seemed a bit taboo.  We always hear that you need make sure your chicken is not pink and that your pork reaches 160 degrees, but somehow tartare is ok.  We were hesitant staring at the uncooked meat but decided that sometimes you just need to leap without looking.  We took our first bite and were pleasantly surprised.  Wrapped in a bit of pita you could not even tell that the lamb was not cook.  The combination of spices and ingredients made the lamb taste like a freshly made gyro.  We are not normally huge fans of lamb, but it was much less gamey than we thought it would be.  We never thought we would have liked lamb tartare but yet again Bellwether has broadened our horizons.

After cleaning our plates, the entrees arrived to the table.  The best dish we had was the spicy twice cooked oxtail with plenty of herbs, peanuts & fried shallots.  It was then topped with a lime infused soy sauce.  The oxtail was extremely tender but had the perfect crispy crust on the outside.  The oxtail had a pleasant beef like flavor that paired nicely with the shallots, lime and cilantro.  The meat effortlessly fell off the bone as we tried to soak up as much of the sauce as possible in each bite.  The only way this dish could have been better was if there was more of it.

The next dish we had was pan seared grouper with a fresh vegetable salad.  Since we already tried anchovies, the grouper was a walk in the park.  It was a delicate white fish with a nice sear.  It was well seasoned and was paired perfectly with a fresh salad of mixed vegetables.  This was a nice dish, but was over shadowed by the huge flavors from the oxtail. 

We also ordered the braised chicken with cilantro & almonds.  Just like the oxtail, the chicken was fall off the bone tender.  It was seasoned well and was braised in flavorful broth.  The chicken had a nice crispy skin which helped contrast the tenderness of the chicken.  While we enjoyed this dish and it was a very satisfying, it could not compare to the oxtail. 

After all of the amazing food we ate, there was still dessert to be had.  We made a little more room in our stomachs and dug into white pound cake with apricot sauce & warm chocolate cake with homemade peanut butter.  The white cake was light and a bit plain but the apricot sauce instantly elevated the dish.  It was super sweet but not overpowering.  It melded perfectly with the neutral vanilla flavors.   The real star however was the warm slightly molten chocolate cake filled with freshly made peanut butter.  It was very rich but 100% satisfying.  We could have used a gallon of milk each, but even without it we still devoured every morsel of cake.  

Should or Should Not Eat:

Bellwether offers up some of the best dishes in Williamsburg.  With fresh ingredients and unique combinations the food at Bellwether is a Should Eat.  Bring your friends for a night of good drinks, food and a relaxed dining experience.

Restaurant Information:


Brooklyn, NY: 594 Union Ave.> 347.529.4921



Bellwether on Urbanspoon

Rutt's Hut - Clifton, New Jersey

As many of you already know, we have a true appreciation hot dogs.  We love all types and styles of dogs, but we just can't resist the allure of a deep fried hot dog.  Our first post on deep fried dogs was a result of our visit to  Crif Dogs.  While they were really good and we loved the numerous options at Crif Dogs, they were not our first.  Our first bite of a deep fried dog occurred at none other than Rutt's Hut.  

We had long been told stories of Rutt's from our friend Phil.  He told us of this place in Jersey that sells deep fried dogs.  We of course scoffed at the idea but he proceeded to tell us the tale of Rutt's and the "ripper'.  Rutt's is located right off of Route 3 and Route 21 in Clifton.  It is located in this plain brick storefront that in no way resembles an inviting restaurant.  The only way you know you would even know that you are at Rutt's is the glowing neon sign.  Once you have found yourself in the parking lot you realize the entrance is not very obvious.  On the side of the restaurant is a unmarked doorway, this is the way to the Hot Dog counter.  Rutt's also has a full bar and restaurant that is completely separate located at the front of the building.  That however is for another day.  We are just interested with the hot dog area for now.  

We must warn you, don't expect to see a sit down restaurant with tables, chairs, booths or welcoming hostesses. Instead you are walking into a small open-air room with two large counter tops to eat on with no seats.  Everything at Rutt's is eaten standing up.   Your friendly hostess has also been replaced with a handful of brash Jersey guys, attitude and all.  It would almost seem as if you are interrupting something important when you place an order with them.  This however is all part of the charm of Rutt's.  

The Menu:

We usually like to review the full menu at our destinations but here at Rutt's we are are focused on only one item, the "ripper".

What We Ate:

The "Ripper" - a deep fried hot dog with house made relish and brown mustard, with a side of fries.

The "Ripper" is a deep fried hot dog that get it's name from the transformation that occurs as it is cooked.  As the dogs cook in hot oil the outer casing tends to rip open, thus creating the ripper.   This process creates a crispy, crunchy outer crust on the dogs which complements the natural flavor of the hot dog.  The ripper is however not complete without a generous helping of Rutt's house made relish.  This bright yellow almost neon relish provides a spicy-sweet flavor that comes from the combination of onions, finely chopped carrots, and cabbage.  The relish offers up the perfect counterpoint to the salty crunch of the dogs with its sweet and addicting flavor.  The "ripper' is a hot dog at it's finest, simple but extremely satisfying. 

The fries at Rutt's are actually pretty plain, but still tasty.  They are your classic frozen fries that you would expect to find at any concession stand across America.  Nothing special here, but they do pair perfectly with a fresh "ripper".

Should or Should Not Eat:

Rutt's is home of the famous "ripper" and is a Should Eat for any hot dog lover.  Rutt's may be a no frills intimidating place, but it's rough personality grows on you.  You will come to appreciate it's charm and bring everyone you know.  The "ripper" is one of the best hot dogs in the entire country, so be sure not to miss a chance to try it.

Restaurant Information:

Rutt's Hut

Clifton, NJ: 417 River Road> 973.779.8615


Rutt's Hut on Urbanspoon

Paulie Gee's - Brooklyn, NY

We have eaten pizza all over New York State and in more than a handful of states around the country.  We have had thin crust, deep dish, brick oven, Sicilian and just about any other type of pizza that is out there.  We have even worked in a pizza place, so we feel we have the credentials to judge any and all pizza.  To have a good pizza it all comes down to using quality ingredients and serving slices fresh.  As we have said in previous posts it is not fair to judge different styles of pizza against each other.  Brick oven pizza can only be judged against other brick oven pizza.  Regular slices can only be judged against other regular slices, and so forth.  You will always see people debate the best pizza in NY and it always seems to be two different styles going head to head.  We like to keep our best pizza in NY claims to specific styles and we think Paulie Geee's has the best brick oven pizza in Brooklyn and possibly the entire city.

Paulie Gee's does not receive the word of mouth and acclaim that NY's famous pizza places get, but it should.  We had never heard of Paulie Gee's until this past summer.  A few friends suggested we go there for dinner one night and we were game.  Those of us who had not been there before were expecting your typical pizza joint in NY.  When we arrived we found out it was actually a brick oven pizza restaurant.  There are a handful of these in Brooklyn, all with varying degrees of pizza quality.  It was not until we looked at the menu that we realized that Paulie Gee's was offering up pies that we have not seen any where before.  These pies were pushing the limits of what toppings you would expect to find on a pizza.  After our first experience we knew we had to take everyone we knew here, and now that we have our blog we needed to share Paulie Gee's with the world.

The Menu:

The first few pies on the menu are very similar to any pie you can find at any other brick oven pizza place. There is the Brian DeParma, a pie topped with Italian Tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano.  There is also the Regina, which is topped with Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Pecorino Romano, Olive Oil and Fresh Basil.  All pretty standard toppings, but after that it starts to get interesting.  Like the Hellboy, topped with Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante and Parmigiano Reggiano and Mike’s HOT Honey.  Yes, you read that correctly we said hot honey and we agree it is not often that you seen honey on a pizza.  Then there is the Grapeful Dead, covered in Baby Spinach, Olive Oil, Mild Gouda, Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and Pickled Red Grape Halves.  If those were not interesting enough you can always get the Cherry Jones.  This one is topped with Fior di Latte, Gorgonzola Cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, Dried Bing Cherries and Orange Blossom Honey.  These are just a handful of the interesting pies being created here.  Check out their full menu for more crazy combinations.

What We Ate:

Mexican Cokes

Hellboy - The Delboy (Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante and Parmigiano Reggiano)  with Mike’s HOT Honey

King Harry IV - Italian Tomatoes, Provolone, Beef Meatballs or House Made Vegan Fennel Sausage, Sliced Cremini Mushrooms and Golden Raisins

Hellified Porkpie White - Fior di Latte, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante, Sweet Italian Fennel Sausage, Sliced Red Onion, Chopped Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil and Mike's Hot Honey

Mike's Hot Honey 

There is something about Mexican Cokes that we can't resist.  Some people claim there is no difference between these and regular cokes, but we beg to differ.  We feel that you can really taste the cane sugar as opposed to the high fructose corn syrup that is used in our boring American Cokes.  There is also something about drinking a Coke out of a glass bottle that makes it just a little bit better, we can probably thank marketing for that.  Once we saw them on the menu we had to get one and then about two more while eating.

The first pie listed is the Hellboy, and it is by far our favorite pizza.  The pizza is topped with Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante and Parmigiano Reggiano and then drizzled with Mike’s HOT Honey.  Fior di Latte is fancy talk for Mozzarella.  The dough is cooked perfectly, with a slightly crispy bottom and a light and airy crust that retains a small amount of crunch.  The cheese and tomatoes are both fresh and top quality with tons of flavor.  There are two things however that make this pizza one of the best we have ever had.  It starts with the Sopressata Piccante which is an spicy Italian cured meat which provides an intense saltiness and a level of heat to the pie.  Thanks to the oven it even is a bit crispy.  The finishing ingredient is Mike's Hot Honey.  Regular honey would have been interesting enough, but Mike's Hot Honey is infused with chiles which imparts a amazing heat and kick into the honey.  This sweet delicacy combined with the saltiness of the Sopressata and the creaminess of the fresh mozzarella makes this not only one of the best meals we have ever had, but also one of the most unique pizza toppings ever.  It is seriously one of the best usages of sweet and savory flavor combinations we have had in any meal.  It is so addictive that once you have it,  the Hellboy is all you can ever think about.  In fact we are dying to have one right now.

The next pie we ordered was the King Harry IV, it had Italian Tomatoes, Provolone, Beef Meatballs, Sliced Cremini Mushrooms and Golden Raisins.  Like all of their pizzas, the dough was cooked perfectly.  This pie was topped with Provalone cheese which is not often found on pizzas.  It has a nice sharp flavor that worked well with the meatballs.  The meatballs had good flavor and added mounds of salty meat to this pie.  Then for added flavor there are the Cremini mushrooms that got a bit lost in the pie, but were tasty when found.  The pie was finished off with golden raisins, that added little explosions of sweetness.  Everything mixed together formed a very good pizza pie, it does not compare to the Hellboy but it can certainly stand up to any regular pie with ease.

The last pie we ordered was the Hellified Porkpie White.  Hellified of course means they added in our favorite new condiment, Mike's Hot Honey along with more of the Sopressata.  This pie included Fior di Latte, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante, Sweet Italian Fennel Sausage, Sliced Red Onion, Chopped Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil and Mike's Hot Honey.  We wanted to try the white pie and were rewarded with another amazing pie.  Topped with  two salty meats the Hellified Porkpie White provides a ton of flavor.  The basil adds a nice fresh green and the garlic is not overpowering.  The Hot Honey proves itself again as an invaluable condiment that we now want to put on everything.  Paulie Gee really figured out the key to combining sweet and savory, and kudos for finding a great product like Mike's Hot Honey.  This was our second favorite pie, but again nothing comes close to the Hellboy.  Also, we have had the Cherry Jones in the past and would highly recommend giving it a try as it is another unique offering.

We also wanted to highlight Mike's Hot Honey for a second.  This honey is like nothing we have ever had before.  Honey is traditionally used as a sweetener in dishes since it is naturally sweet and adds its own unique flavor.  Mike's is taking honey one step further by infusing it with chilies.  As a result you get this sweet honey packed with a nice amount of heat that drives your taste buds wild. It is perfectly paired with these pizzas, but we have thought of more than a dozen uses for the honey on it's own.  You can purchase this honey right at Paulie Gee's or order it online at  We didn't buy any while we were there and now we are kicking ourselves, we see an online order in our future and be sure to keep an eye out for how we plan to use it on the blog.  We can specifically see it working with a nice Chicken Biscuit.

Should or Should Not Eat:

Paulie Gee's is making not only traditional brick oven pizza but also some of the most unique brick oven pizzas you can find.  Here you will find pizzas topped with golden raisins, fresh cherries, mounds of arugula and even chile infused honey.  Paulie Gee's is pushing the limits of accepted pizza toppings to the extreme.  As a result you should be pushing the limits of what you expect on your pie.  Paulie Gee's is a Should Eat thanks to their perfectly cooked dough and amazing selection of the most unique ingredients in New York.

Restaurant Information:

Paulie Gee's

Brooklyn, NY: 60 Greenpoint Ave> 347.987.3747


Paulie Gee's on Urbanspoon