Big D's Grub Truck - Manhattan, New York

The food truck phenomenon is on the rise in every major city across the United States and New York is no different.  Everyday there seems to be a new truck lining the streets. These trucks are not selling the greasy, dirty food you may be picturing.  Instead many of them are selling restaurant quality food out of these mobile kitchens. They are offering a wide variety of cuisine from local favorites to food from half way around the world. The key to food trucks is you knowing where they are going to be.  Many of these trucks have a set location or connect with users on Facebook or Twitter to relay their spot for the day.  Sometimes these trucks are even being given thier own parking areas, as is the case with the World Financial Center Food Truck Court. Located outside 4 World Financial Center on North End Avenue at Vesey Street you will find this "Food Court".  Here truck vendors park Mondays through Fridays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. They even have a rotating schedule of trucks to help provide variety throughout the week check out the schedule here.

We realized on our visit to Battery Place Market (click here for our review) that we were right neat the Food Truck Court so we had to check it out. It was an overcast day with a little chill in the air but we were ready to eat some street food. The first truck we noticed was Big D's Grub Truck and decided right then that we were going to eat.

The Menu: 

Big D's Grub Truck is creating fusion dished inspired by owner Big D's family gatherings. They are mixing dishes from Guyana, the American South and China. The menu features both tacos and grinders offering four different styles to choose from. They have Bulgoi (beef), Spicy Pork, Ginger Chicken and Spicy Chicken. They are also making three side items including Pork & Chive Dumplings, Yuca Fries and Seasoned Fries.

What We Ate:

Ginger Chicken: tender chicken mixed with ginger sauce, served with fresh chopped cilantro.

Spicy Chicken: tender chicken mixed with spicy mayo, served with fresh chopped cilantro.


Yuca Fries & Old Bay Seasoned Fries:

Our sandwiches reminded us of the Vietnamese classic Banh Mi sandwich. A Bahn Mi usually includes some type of meat or soy topped with cucumber slices, cilantro and pickled carrots and daikon in shredded form.  We started with the Spicy Chicken and the first thing we noticed was that there was no spice. We thought we had opened the Ginger Chicken by mistake, but we didn't.  The Spicy Chicken had no heat whatsoever, not even a hint of heat somewhere deep in the sandwich. It was a huge let down. The rest of the sandwich was just ok. The bread looked like a nice French baguette, but it lacked the crisp crust is should have. The vegetables didn't help add anything to the sandwiches either. Our Ginger Chicken was not much better, it tasted almost exactly the same as the Spicy Chicken. It had a bit more sweetness to it but was still not very good.

The Old Bay Seasoned French Fries were just your basic crinkle cut fry topped with Old Bay Seasoning.  They were crispy but even with the Old Bay they were lacking flavor.  Our Yuca fries were even worse because they had no seasoning at all. The menu said that both the fries and Yuca come with Big D's secret sauce for dipping, but we didn't find any in our bag.  Maybe this sauce would have given them the flavor they lacked but we doubt it.

Should Or Should Not Eat:

With Big D's food providing little seasoning and even less flavor it is a Should Not Eat.  Not all food trucks are created equal and we will be avoiding Big D's in the future.

Restaurant Information:

Big D's Grub Truck

Multiple locations, checkout website for location updates


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