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We have lived in New York City for a number of years. During that time we have been a bit spoiled having so many different types of food at our fingertips. You can get any types of food, from any country at just about any time. This is not the same in Orange County, there is a lack of diversity in the food scene in the area.  That however is changing with new restaurants opening up providing Indian, Greek and Israeli Cuisine.  One of these restaurants is Allan's Falafel, located on main street in Chester, New York.

We went out to dinner the other night and could not decide where to go. We went over all of the usual suspects but nothing was standing out. Then we remembered that a few people had mentioned Allan's Falafel to us. Since we do not get to eat this type of cuisine unless we are in New York City we decided to go and check it out. Having a local place to get quality Falafel and other Israeli favorites would give us another option come dinner time.

The Menu:

Allan's offers a variety of classic Israeli and middle eastern dishes.  You will of course find homemade Falafel and Hummus here. There are eight different salads to choose from starting with a classic green salad to a slew of Israeli offerings such as The Israeli Salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, peppers, with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Allan's also provides three options for serving your entrees.  You can order your meal in a Pita served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hummus, tahini, pickle.  You can order the Plate version which is served with green salad, hummus, tahini salad, rice or fries.  If you are really hungry the third option is the Deluxe Platter, served with hummus, baba ghanough, tahini salad, Israeli salad, rice or red cabbage

What We Ate:

Stuffed Grape Leaves - rice, vegetables, spices, rolled in grape leaves

Shawarma/Gyro Deluxe Platter - layers of lamb and beef, slowly roasted on a vertical roasting grill served in thin slices. Served with hummus, baba ghanough, tahini salad, Israeli salad, rice or red cabbage



Israeli salad:

Tahini salad:

Allan's Falafel is providing Orange County, New York with authentic Israeli cuisine. The food is made fresh daily and is just as good as any Israeli restaurant in New York City. We started off our meal with the stuffed grape leaves. The leaves are stuffed with rice and vegetables. They were cooked until they were fork tender and had the right amount of spice. They were a perfect way to start the meal. 

For dinner we decided to get the shawarma Deluxe Platter so we could try a few of the other side items with our meal. Shawarma is marinated lamb and beef, slowly roasted on a vertical grill. The shawarma was served on a bed of rice cooked with turmeric and cumin. The meat had great flavor and the white sauce on top complemented it well.

The hummus was some of the best hummus we have eaten. You can tell that it was made fresh and that made a huge difference. We could not stop eating it and we only wished we had more.

Both the Tahini and Israeli salad were very fresh. You could taste that both of these salads were made to order and had not been sitting around all day. The Israeli salad was very light and we really enjoyed the lemon and oil dressing. The Tahini salad was also light and had a sesame Tahini sauce. We actually took the Tahini salad and mixed it in with our shawarma and rice.

We had a few of the Falafels and they were prefect. They were cooked to a golden crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. We could go for some more of them right now. We forgot to take a picture of the baba ghanough, but it is pictured in the middle of the plate. It is a baked eggplant pureed with tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice, salt, spices. While eggplant is not our favorite, this was also good.

Besides the food, the staff at Allan's was very friendly. Allan himself was working hard in the back. He came over to each table to ask how the food was. You can tell he takes pride in his food and wants to make sure all of his customers have a good experience.

Should Or Should Not Eat:

If you are looking for good middle eastern food or just looking to try something new Allan's Falafel is the place to go. You will get a hearty and healthy meal full of fresh vegetables. Allan's is a Should Eat, and we hope you check it out.

Restaurant Information:

Allan's Falafel

Chester, NY: 115 Main Street > 845.469.1714


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