Skillet Bacon Spread

We went out our mailbox the other day and found a package for us from our Aunt.  It was a pretty big box so we were not sure what to expect, especially since it is not close to anyone's birthday.  We opened it up as soon as we got into the house and we found this little canister that reads Skillet Bacon Spread.  To be honest our first thought was "oh no this can't be good".  We have tried other bacon products in the past and they did not turn out so well.  This bacon spread brought back memories to our foray into bacon flavored cocktails with Bakon vodka, trust us it is not worth it.  With that experience firmly in on our mind we were not sure how to proceed.  We had so many questions going through our minds. Is this real bacon? What is it going to smell like? This is not refrigerated? Then the rational side of our brain chimed in and pointed out that it could actually taste good.

That bit of advice jolted us back to reality, we love bacon and one bad experience can't ruin bacon flavored products for us.  Now that we were back in the bacon fan club, the next question to answer was how are we going to eat this?.  We thought about taking a spoon and digging in like a cup of pudding.  That did not seem to be the best idea.  Instead we decided that it needed to go on something.  It is of course a spread and not necessarily meant to be eaten by itself.  After looking in the fridge we decided that a piece of toast was the safest bet.  It would allow us to get the full flavor of the spread, while also giving us some texture that we were sure it would need. 


The first thing we did was look at what was waiting for us in the jar.  To be honest our first impression was that it looked like cat food.  It appeared to be some type of meat all mashed up.  Our next step was to give the spread a smell.  We braced ourselves for the worst especially since it looked like cat food.  It smelled very similar to bacon which was a good thing.  We felt a bit more confident now that it seemed to smell like something we would actually want to eat.  We took the knife and got spreading, it went on the toast just like any other spread would.  We picked up the slice, said our prayers, and took our first bite.  After we opened our eyes and began to chew we realized there was something tasty in our mouth.  Could it be, was this spread actually good?  

Skillet Bacon Spread was and is actually very good.  It reminded us more of pulled pork than bacon but either way it was still a pork product.  It had a sweeter flavor to it than we were expecting, but retained the smoky essence you would expect from bacon.  It was actually really good on our slice of toast and would be a nice addition to a poached egg.  We finished our entire piece of bacon toast and then started to brainstorm what we were going to eat this on next.

After our taste test we decided to do a bit more research on Skillet Bacon Spread.  It turns out the product originated in 2007 out in Seattle, Washington when Chef Josh Henderson created the Skillet Street Food.  Skillet Street Food is classic food truck though theirs is an Airstream trailer.  The menu features American-inspired food prepared with classic technique and seasonal ingredients.  After reviewing their menu we found out that they created the bacon spread originally for topping burgers.  Had we known all of this from the start we would have dug into this jar no questions asked.  However, now it all makes sense, this is a quality product not just some bacon gimmick.  This is certainly one of the most unique things we have ever eaten and it was well worth the risk.  Click here to see their website to order your own

Should or Should Not Eat:

Do not be afraid of meat in a jar, this spread is a unique Should Eat.  All bacon lovers out there will love this product.  It is a quick and easy way to get that intense bacon flavor without all of the mess.  It is stored in the fridge so it will last a while and can be used for burgers, sandwiches or any other ideas you might come up with.  If you are feeling brave order a jar and let us know what you think.