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We have eaten pizza all over New York State and in more than a handful of states around the country.  We have had thin crust, deep dish, brick oven, Sicilian and just about any other type of pizza that is out there.  We have even worked in a pizza place, so we feel we have the credentials to judge any and all pizza.  To have a good pizza it all comes down to using quality ingredients and serving slices fresh.  As we have said in previous posts it is not fair to judge different styles of pizza against each other.  Brick oven pizza can only be judged against other brick oven pizza.  Regular slices can only be judged against other regular slices, and so forth.  You will always see people debate the best pizza in NY and it always seems to be two different styles going head to head.  We like to keep our best pizza in NY claims to specific styles and we think Paulie Geee's has the best brick oven pizza in Brooklyn and possibly the entire city.

Paulie Gee's does not receive the word of mouth and acclaim that NY's famous pizza places get, but it should.  We had never heard of Paulie Gee's until this past summer.  A few friends suggested we go there for dinner one night and we were game.  Those of us who had not been there before were expecting your typical pizza joint in NY.  When we arrived we found out it was actually a brick oven pizza restaurant.  There are a handful of these in Brooklyn, all with varying degrees of pizza quality.  It was not until we looked at the menu that we realized that Paulie Gee's was offering up pies that we have not seen any where before.  These pies were pushing the limits of what toppings you would expect to find on a pizza.  After our first experience we knew we had to take everyone we knew here, and now that we have our blog we needed to share Paulie Gee's with the world.

The Menu:

The first few pies on the menu are very similar to any pie you can find at any other brick oven pizza place. There is the Brian DeParma, a pie topped with Italian Tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano.  There is also the Regina, which is topped with Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Pecorino Romano, Olive Oil and Fresh Basil.  All pretty standard toppings, but after that it starts to get interesting.  Like the Hellboy, topped with Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante and Parmigiano Reggiano and Mike’s HOT Honey.  Yes, you read that correctly we said hot honey and we agree it is not often that you seen honey on a pizza.  Then there is the Grapeful Dead, covered in Baby Spinach, Olive Oil, Mild Gouda, Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and Pickled Red Grape Halves.  If those were not interesting enough you can always get the Cherry Jones.  This one is topped with Fior di Latte, Gorgonzola Cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, Dried Bing Cherries and Orange Blossom Honey.  These are just a handful of the interesting pies being created here.  Check out their full menu for more crazy combinations.

What We Ate:

Mexican Cokes

Hellboy - The Delboy (Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante and Parmigiano Reggiano)  with Mike’s HOT Honey

King Harry IV - Italian Tomatoes, Provolone, Beef Meatballs or House Made Vegan Fennel Sausage, Sliced Cremini Mushrooms and Golden Raisins

Hellified Porkpie White - Fior di Latte, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante, Sweet Italian Fennel Sausage, Sliced Red Onion, Chopped Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil and Mike's Hot Honey

Mike's Hot Honey 

There is something about Mexican Cokes that we can't resist.  Some people claim there is no difference between these and regular cokes, but we beg to differ.  We feel that you can really taste the cane sugar as opposed to the high fructose corn syrup that is used in our boring American Cokes.  There is also something about drinking a Coke out of a glass bottle that makes it just a little bit better, we can probably thank marketing for that.  Once we saw them on the menu we had to get one and then about two more while eating.

The first pie listed is the Hellboy, and it is by far our favorite pizza.  The pizza is topped with Fior di Latte, Italian Tomatoes, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante and Parmigiano Reggiano and then drizzled with Mike’s HOT Honey.  Fior di Latte is fancy talk for Mozzarella.  The dough is cooked perfectly, with a slightly crispy bottom and a light and airy crust that retains a small amount of crunch.  The cheese and tomatoes are both fresh and top quality with tons of flavor.  There are two things however that make this pizza one of the best we have ever had.  It starts with the Sopressata Piccante which is an spicy Italian cured meat which provides an intense saltiness and a level of heat to the pie.  Thanks to the oven it even is a bit crispy.  The finishing ingredient is Mike's Hot Honey.  Regular honey would have been interesting enough, but Mike's Hot Honey is infused with chiles which imparts a amazing heat and kick into the honey.  This sweet delicacy combined with the saltiness of the Sopressata and the creaminess of the fresh mozzarella makes this not only one of the best meals we have ever had, but also one of the most unique pizza toppings ever.  It is seriously one of the best usages of sweet and savory flavor combinations we have had in any meal.  It is so addictive that once you have it,  the Hellboy is all you can ever think about.  In fact we are dying to have one right now.

The next pie we ordered was the King Harry IV, it had Italian Tomatoes, Provolone, Beef Meatballs, Sliced Cremini Mushrooms and Golden Raisins.  Like all of their pizzas, the dough was cooked perfectly.  This pie was topped with Provalone cheese which is not often found on pizzas.  It has a nice sharp flavor that worked well with the meatballs.  The meatballs had good flavor and added mounds of salty meat to this pie.  Then for added flavor there are the Cremini mushrooms that got a bit lost in the pie, but were tasty when found.  The pie was finished off with golden raisins, that added little explosions of sweetness.  Everything mixed together formed a very good pizza pie, it does not compare to the Hellboy but it can certainly stand up to any regular pie with ease.

The last pie we ordered was the Hellified Porkpie White.  Hellified of course means they added in our favorite new condiment, Mike's Hot Honey along with more of the Sopressata.  This pie included Fior di Latte, Berkshire Sopressata Piccante, Sweet Italian Fennel Sausage, Sliced Red Onion, Chopped Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil and Mike's Hot Honey.  We wanted to try the white pie and were rewarded with another amazing pie.  Topped with  two salty meats the Hellified Porkpie White provides a ton of flavor.  The basil adds a nice fresh green and the garlic is not overpowering.  The Hot Honey proves itself again as an invaluable condiment that we now want to put on everything.  Paulie Gee really figured out the key to combining sweet and savory, and kudos for finding a great product like Mike's Hot Honey.  This was our second favorite pie, but again nothing comes close to the Hellboy.  Also, we have had the Cherry Jones in the past and would highly recommend giving it a try as it is another unique offering.

We also wanted to highlight Mike's Hot Honey for a second.  This honey is like nothing we have ever had before.  Honey is traditionally used as a sweetener in dishes since it is naturally sweet and adds its own unique flavor.  Mike's is taking honey one step further by infusing it with chilies.  As a result you get this sweet honey packed with a nice amount of heat that drives your taste buds wild. It is perfectly paired with these pizzas, but we have thought of more than a dozen uses for the honey on it's own.  You can purchase this honey right at Paulie Gee's or order it online at  We didn't buy any while we were there and now we are kicking ourselves, we see an online order in our future and be sure to keep an eye out for how we plan to use it on the blog.  We can specifically see it working with a nice Chicken Biscuit.

Should or Should Not Eat:

Paulie Gee's is making not only traditional brick oven pizza but also some of the most unique brick oven pizzas you can find.  Here you will find pizzas topped with golden raisins, fresh cherries, mounds of arugula and even chile infused honey.  Paulie Gee's is pushing the limits of accepted pizza toppings to the extreme.  As a result you should be pushing the limits of what you expect on your pie.  Paulie Gee's is a Should Eat thanks to their perfectly cooked dough and amazing selection of the most unique ingredients in New York.

Restaurant Information:

Paulie Gee's

Brooklyn, NY: 60 Greenpoint Ave> 347.987.3747


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