Radegast Hall & Biergarten - Brooklyn, New York

Last weekend we found ourselves at the Radegast Hall and Biergarten in Williamsburg. We wanted to start off the night with some large liters full of beer and food hot of their grill. The biergarten has the classic beer hall feel with large wooden tables and tall ceilings. The waitresses all wear your standard bier maiden outfits, which add to the atmosphere. All of this coupled with the huge liters full of authentic German beer makes it feel as if you are in Germany celebrating at Octoberfest. 

The Menu:

Radegast offers two types of menus to order from, the main menu and the grill menu. The main menu offers more formal dishes featuring German classics such as a Munich Pretzel or Veal Schnitzel. The grill menu on the other hand provides less formal options such as sausages, burgers and fries all cooked on the open grill in the back of the hall. The beauty of the grill is that it sends out this amazing aroma of grilled meat into the hall that is almost impossible to resist.

What We Ate:

Munich Pretzel - with Spicy Mustard and Cornichon

Bratwurst - Served on a Pretzel Roll with sauerkraut 

Mustard Options

We started with the Munich Pretzel that is baked in house to order. This pretzel has a nice crisp outside with a warm soft inside and it is seasoned with the perfect amount of salt.  It is all too often that pretzels get over salted because the dough is just not that good. The good thing for us is here at Radegast they know what they are doing when it comes to making pretzels.

They serve the pretzels with a house made spicy mustard and Cornichon pickles. The mustard has a great kick to it and pairs perfectly with the pretzel. The pickles are tart with and have a nice amount of snap to them when bitten into. There is no better appetizer while drinking dark German beers than one of these pretzels.

We followed up our pretzel with a selection from the grill. We ordered the grilled bratwurst served on a Pretzel Roll with sauerkraut. Yes that's right we added more pretzel to our meal. When the chef suggests adding the pretzel roll to your meal you do not ask questions you just say yes. Our bratwurst was cooked in front of our eyes and had that freshly grilled look to it, nice and crispy. It was then placed on the bun and topped with a healthy serving of sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was sweeter that you might expect, we think it is due to the addition of carrots in the cabbage. It did however add a nice counterpoint in flavor to the saltiness of the brat. We then topped all of this off with a bit of the German mustard for the final touch to the meal.

To go along with the brat, we ordered some fries. The thing about the fries at Radegast is they are very addicting. They are fried to a golden crisp and seasoned well with just the right amount of salt. We dipped these things in just about every mustard option they had available. The best was either the spicy mustard or the German mustard. We could not get enough fries and even ordered more to go with our beers later in the night. 

Should Or Should Not Eat:

Radegast is easily a Should Eat. They offer everything needed for a good night out on the town, good atmosphere, good food and good drinks. There may be more than a handful of similar places in Brooklyn, but Radegast is the total package. Check out Radegast for the food and stay for the drinks.

Restaurant Information:

Radegast Hall & Biergarten

Brooklyn, NY: 113 N 3rd Street > 718.963.3973

Website: www.radegasthall.com

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Allan's Falafel - Chester, New York

We have lived in New York City for a number of years. During that time we have been a bit spoiled having so many different types of food at our fingertips. You can get any types of food, from any country at just about any time. This is not the same in Orange County, there is a lack of diversity in the food scene in the area.  That however is changing with new restaurants opening up providing Indian, Greek and Israeli Cuisine.  One of these restaurants is Allan's Falafel, located on main street in Chester, New York.

We went out to dinner the other night and could not decide where to go. We went over all of the usual suspects but nothing was standing out. Then we remembered that a few people had mentioned Allan's Falafel to us. Since we do not get to eat this type of cuisine unless we are in New York City we decided to go and check it out. Having a local place to get quality Falafel and other Israeli favorites would give us another option come dinner time.

The Menu:

Allan's offers a variety of classic Israeli and middle eastern dishes.  You will of course find homemade Falafel and Hummus here. There are eight different salads to choose from starting with a classic green salad to a slew of Israeli offerings such as The Israeli Salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, peppers, with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Allan's also provides three options for serving your entrees.  You can order your meal in a Pita served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hummus, tahini, pickle.  You can order the Plate version which is served with green salad, hummus, tahini salad, rice or fries.  If you are really hungry the third option is the Deluxe Platter, served with hummus, baba ghanough, tahini salad, Israeli salad, rice or red cabbage

What We Ate:

Stuffed Grape Leaves - rice, vegetables, spices, rolled in grape leaves

Shawarma/Gyro Deluxe Platter - layers of lamb and beef, slowly roasted on a vertical roasting grill served in thin slices. Served with hummus, baba ghanough, tahini salad, Israeli salad, rice or red cabbage



Israeli salad:

Tahini salad:

Allan's Falafel is providing Orange County, New York with authentic Israeli cuisine. The food is made fresh daily and is just as good as any Israeli restaurant in New York City. We started off our meal with the stuffed grape leaves. The leaves are stuffed with rice and vegetables. They were cooked until they were fork tender and had the right amount of spice. They were a perfect way to start the meal. 

For dinner we decided to get the shawarma Deluxe Platter so we could try a few of the other side items with our meal. Shawarma is marinated lamb and beef, slowly roasted on a vertical grill. The shawarma was served on a bed of rice cooked with turmeric and cumin. The meat had great flavor and the white sauce on top complemented it well.

The hummus was some of the best hummus we have eaten. You can tell that it was made fresh and that made a huge difference. We could not stop eating it and we only wished we had more.

Both the Tahini and Israeli salad were very fresh. You could taste that both of these salads were made to order and had not been sitting around all day. The Israeli salad was very light and we really enjoyed the lemon and oil dressing. The Tahini salad was also light and had a sesame Tahini sauce. We actually took the Tahini salad and mixed it in with our shawarma and rice.

We had a few of the Falafels and they were prefect. They were cooked to a golden crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. We could go for some more of them right now. We forgot to take a picture of the baba ghanough, but it is pictured in the middle of the plate. It is a baked eggplant pureed with tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice, salt, spices. While eggplant is not our favorite, this was also good.

Besides the food, the staff at Allan's was very friendly. Allan himself was working hard in the back. He came over to each table to ask how the food was. You can tell he takes pride in his food and wants to make sure all of his customers have a good experience.

Should Or Should Not Eat:

If you are looking for good middle eastern food or just looking to try something new Allan's Falafel is the place to go. You will get a hearty and healthy meal full of fresh vegetables. Allan's is a Should Eat, and we hope you check it out.

Restaurant Information:

Allan's Falafel

Chester, NY: 115 Main Street > 845.469.1714

Website: www.allansfalafel.net

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L & B Spumoni Gardens - Brooklyn, NY


Welcome to one of our favorite places to eat in all of New York City. L & B Spumoni gardens is often referred to as just Spumoni or Spumoni Gardens. While they are now famous for their pizza, Spumoni Gardens got it's start selling spumoni out of a horse drawn wagon.   Spumoni Gardens was started by Ludovico Barbati, he came to the United States in 1917, from Torella Di Lombardi, Italy. He learned to make spumoni and began to sell it up and down the streets of Gravesend & Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

All of this spumoni talk may have you confused, especially if you do not know what spumoni is.  Spumoni is an Italian dessert made up of layers of molded ice cream. Traditionally flavors include cherry, pistachio chocolate and vanilla.

In 1939, Ludovico, Sr. decided he needed a place to make his Spumoni and bought a plot of land in Brooklyn and built their first building to be their factory.  People began to line up at the factory to get spumoni and that is when they realized they would need to build a sit down area for customers.In the mid 1950's L & B Spumoni Gardens built the second building, which is now the Pizzeria. Then progressively, though the years the third building was added, it became their luncheonette.  When you go to Spumoni today you can still see the 3 different buildings that comprise L & B Spumoni Gardens.

While they have tons of things to offer, we went to Spumoni to get some of their famous Sicilian style pizza.

The Menu:

The beauty of Spumoni Gardens is how basic the pizza menu is.  Pizza is the only thing they sell in this section of Spumoni Gardens is, so orders go quickly. You can order slices or whole pies but you will have to choose between traditional round pizza or their famous Sicilian. We have never gotten the traditional slice but we hear it is very good.  For us if you are going to Spumoni Gardens the only thing you can buy is the Sicilian pizza. You may think one or two slices of Sicilian pizza will be enough for you, but trust us you will want more. 

What We Ate:

Sicilian Pizza - Lots of it

We are not even sure words can do this pizza justice, but we will try.  Pizza is a simple meal consisting of three main things dough, sauce and cheese. You start with the dough, add the sauce and then top it all with cheese. Here at Spumoni they change those rules a bit. They start with the dough, then add the mozzarella and top it off with tomato sauce and a sprinkling of Pecorino Romano cheese. It is this method that sets their Sicilian slice apart from any that we have ever had.

Adding the layer of cheese before the sauce is a game changer. It creates a layer of protection for the dough keeping the sauce from soaking in.  It also adds this amazing texture in the middle of the pizza, which creates one of the four layers that makes this pizza so good. The first layer of goodness is the sauce. Made from San Marzano tomatoes, the sauce is naturally sweet and made fresh. Next comes the cheese which we have already mentioned above. The third layer is the soft airy dough in between the cheese and crust. The dough has great flavor and is not as dense as many other Sicilian pizzas. Here it is very light which allows you to eat as many slices as you like. The final layer is the crispy layer on the bottom of the pizza thanks to the tray. It creates this crispy golden brown crust that gives the slices enough support to be picked up. Every other layer in this pizza is very soft so the bottom layer helps to bring in that needed crunch.

When these four layers come together in each bite it is just so good. Our favorite part is the gooey center created by the cheese and dough. It provides a unique texture and gives the pizza a unique sensation when bitten into. Everything about this pizza is so good that you can't resist eating slice after slice.  When we go now we don't even bother order 2 or 3 slices we just order a half or full sheet. We may not eat it all there but leftovers are no problem. You will be surprised at how many slices you can eat.  This pizza also reheats perfectly losing none of its glory in the fridge, which is why the leftovers do not last very long. You may however find that this pizza is amazing cold also.  No matter how you like your pizza, spumoni will not disappoint. 

Check out this video from the TV Show,  Man Vs. Food

Should Or Should Not Eat: 

L & B Spumoni Gardens is a Should Eat. It is the best Sicilian slice of pizza you will ever have, we promise. It is worth the drive and the wait any time of year.  Some quick tips when eating at Spumoni, have part of your group secure a table while the other half orders the pizza.  Order more slices than you expect to eat, you will thank us. Get napkins it can get messy especially when eating the middle slices with no crust. 

Restaurant Information:

L & B Spumoni Gardens

Brooklyn, NY: 2725 86th Street  > 718.449.1230

Website: www.spumonigardens.com

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Yard House - Yonkers, New York


We had a birthday dinner to go to tonight for two of our good friends. With a bunch of us getting together we decided to go try the Yard House in Yonkers New York. Yard House features a large menu of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches and house favorites. On top of that they also feature one of the largest selections of beers on tap you will find at any restaurant. They have 100+ local and imported beers at any given time. It seemed like just the place to celebrate some birthdays.

What We Ate:

Unfortunately due to some camera and lighting issues we were not able to document the appetizer portion of our meal.  We did however order the following:

Chicken Nachos - spicy pinto beans, cheddar, jack, red and green sauce, tomato, cilantro, onions, guacamole and sour cream

Spinach Cheese Dip - baked with feta, jack, parmesan & cream cheese served with crispy flatbread

Fried Calamari - with spicy tomato and tartar sauce

Cuban Roast Pork Dip - pepper jack, pickles, roasted roma tomatoes, dijon & garlic aïoli on garlic french bread with bbq au jus

Carnitas Street Taco - roast pork with grilled onions, pico de gallo, guacamole and pineapple

Margherita Pizza - roasted roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, mozzarella and fresh basil with Extra Cheese

The atmosphere in the restaurant was nice. The decor was modern and had a warm feeling.  The lighting was low but not too dark. There were a ton of TV's playing sports, but they were not distracting. The staff was nice and provided us with enough space to enjoy our meal while also keeping our glasses full. 

It felt like an upscale version of a Chili's or T.G.I Fridays style chain restaurant, more on par with the Cheesecake Factory. The menu had plenty of options but it was hard to choose just one item to eat.  We decided to get some appetizers. The chicken nachos were a big let down. There was almost no chicken on our nachos and the chips were drowned in a bland salsa and covered in cheese. This was your classic chain appetizer, nothing fresh or amazing about it. You ate it because it was there but it could have been so much better.

We also ordered Spinach Cheese Dip.  This featured a healthy portion of spinach mixed with four different cheese's served with flat bread chips. The chips went nicely with the dip giving you the perfect vehicle to get the dip into your mouth. The dip was tasty but was a bit salty. As with the nachos this dip was nothing special but it was not bad. The dip was followed up by some fried calamari.  We enjoy calamari, but it is hard to do correctly.  Yard house did it's best to make it right, they did reasonably well for a chain restaurant.  The calamari was not chewy and had good seasoning, they were not bad.  The common theme with all of our appetizers was that they were nothing special. 

It took awhile to decide on our maincourse so we ordered a few thing.  The first thing we decided on was the Cuban Roast Pork Dip.  Having lived in Miami for two years we know a thing or two about Cuban sandwiches, but lets be clear this should not be called a Cuban. While Yard House uses some of the same ingredient as a classic Cuban they have also added their own twist which ruins what makes a Cuban so good.  

We were not a fan of the roasted tomatoes. The pork was extremely salty and the BBQ au jus was not worth the dip.  We were disappointed in the sandwich and wish we could go back in time to change our order.  Where is Doc Brown when you need him?  We did however get Truffle French Fries with this Sandwich that were good, really good.

The fries were cut very thin and cooked to the perfect level of crispness. They had the right amount of salt and then seasoned with shredded parmesan cheese and fresh herbs.  We could not stop eating these fries and they gave us a ton of them. These fires were so good they could have been a meal on their own.  We would certainly go back for these fries.

We also decided to try one of Yard House's Street Tacos.  If your a regular of the blog you could probably guess that we would get the pork taco.  That is exactly what we got, it was a carnitas taco with grilled onions, pico de gallo, guacamole and pineapple.  We knew this was not going to be the best taco, but it was much better than our Cuban. The pork was roasted and juicy. The pico de galllo had little flavor and the pineapple took over as the main flavor in the dish.  They did not put any guacamole on the taco which was missed. The tortilla also had little flavor, but when everything was mixed together it was a nice snack.

Lastly we ordered the Margherita pizza. This pizza was so bad, we only ate two little pieces of it. The pizza looks much better than it tasted.  If you look at the picture you would think it has some potential and could be good, trust us it was not. There was too cheese and no sauce whatsoever. Yard House decided to get too cute with their take on a Margherita pizza (click here to see how it should be made). They thought adding Roma tomatoes would be enough for this pizza and skipped the sauce. The crust of the pizza tasted like cardboard, it was very dry. Dry crust combined with no sauce is the recipe for a bad pizza. There is not much more we can say except do not ever order the pizza at Yard House.

Along with mediocre food at best, the prices are very expensive at Yard House.

Should Or Should Not Eat:

Yard House made nothing that impressed us except the Truffle Fries.  They get a very clear Should Not Eat from us.  However if your looking for a place to get a huge selection of beers on tap Yard House is a Should Drink. If you do happen to go drinking here and get hungry stick to the Truffle Fries, the only thing we had that we will highly recommend. 

Restaurant Information:

Yard House

Yonkers, NY: 237 Market Street > 914.375.9237

Website: www.yardhouse.com

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Bobby's Burger Palace - Mohegan Sun Casino


This past weekend we were not able to update the blog as usual because we were at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut. We were there helping to promote the Pocono Cup Soccer Tournament. Naturally we had to check out the food scene Mohegan Sun had to offer. That is when we saw that there was a Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP).  BBP is chef Bobby Flay's burger chain, which has 9 different locations in the Northeast.

We have eaten at a handful of Bobby's restaurants in the past and always came away satisfied so we were hoping for the same from BBP.  


The Menu:

BBP has a nice menu consisting of burgers, sandwiches, grilled cheese and salads. Lets take a look at BBP's burger options. When ordering a burger your first order of business is to choose what kind of meat you would like.  BBP offers you the ability to get any of their burger options made with Certified Angus Beef, Ground Turkey or Chicken Breast. You then have to choose from 10 permanent options on the menu and 1 burger of the month. The burger of the month is a nice option providing new burgers all year round.  This month the new burger was a Chicago Burger, this was a burger with American Cheese, Sweet Relish, Banana Peppers, Celery Salt, Onion, Tomato, Pickles. Another interesting touch that BBP offers is the ability to have your burger "Crunchified". The "Crunchifed" process involves adding a hand full of regular potato chips on top of any burger. 

After you choose your burger you know your going to waat some French fries. BBP offers regular French fries, sweet potato fries and beer battered onion rings. You can also choose to finish off your meal with a milkshake or even spiked milkshake, a Vanilla Carmel Bourbon milkshake sounds like our type of desert.

What We Ate:

Santa Fe Burger: Queso Sauce, Pickled Jalapenos and Blue Corn Chips


French Fries:


L.A. Burger: Avocado Relish, Watercress, Cheddar Cheese and Tomato

After looking at those pictures we know your dying to check out a BBP.  When we first looked at our meal we will say we were a bit concerned. The burger and fries looked very similar to our meal from Five Guys.  If you didn't see our review of Five Guys check it out here, but we were not fans. We didn't want to deal with that kind of disappointment again, but we had faith in Bobby and dug in.  Our faith was rewarded with some great burgers.

The sign of a good burger place is how well they are able to cook your burger. It is all too often that your burger is ordered medium or medium rare and it comes to you well done. BBP makes it a point to ask you specifically how you want it, even providing this nifty chart.

We prefer our burgers cooked medium giving us a nice warm pink center. After we took our first bite we got to see that our burger was cooked exactly how we asked. Like we said that is a sign of a good burger place. The burgers were served on a classic hamburger bun covered in sesame seeds. There was nothing special about this bun, but it didn't take anything away from the burger.

A properly cooked burger is step one, the of choice bun is step two and the toppings are the finishing touches to a great burger. BBP nailed step one, step two was nothing special but they really shined when it came to the toppings.  The first burger we had was the Santa Fe burger which was topped with Queso Sauce, Pickled Jalapenos and Blue Corn Chips. The queso sauce oozed off this burger and had great flavor. It was then topped with the pickled jalapenos, which gave this burger some heat and paired nicely with the queso sauce.

All of this was then  topped with the blue corn chips you can see above. The crunch from the chips was a nice addition to the burger, but we did notice a few of them were a bit soggy. This was probably our fault though because we got these burgers to go.  If we had eaten in the restaurant we are sure they all would have been nice and crispy.  This burger was essentially topped with nachos and was very good.  After eating this burger the first day at Mohegan Sun, we knew we would be getting another burger the next day.

To go with the burger we ordered regular French fries which are served with BBP's own fry sauce.  The fry sauce seems to be some type of chipotle aoli.  It had a nice bite thanks to the chipotle peppers and worked well with the fries.  The fries were the hand cut variety with the skin on. As we have said in the past these are not our favorite type of fry because many places do not cook them properly.  BBP however managed to cook them to a perfect crunch and seasoned them with the right amount of salt.  We fully enjoyed these fries, so all restaurants with hand cut fries should take notes from BBP.

On day two we ordered the L.A. Burger.  The L.A. Burger is topped with avocado relish, watercress, cheddar cheese and tomato. Our burger was cooked exactly as ordered, so it was no fluke. The burger was topped with a nice piece of cheddar cheese followed by a fresh, thick cut slice of tomato. Then you will see a healthy mound of avocado relish, which was so good. The avocado relish was freshly made, ripe and creamy.  We love avocados on just about every type of sandwich, but they seem to go the best with burgers. Spread on top of the avocado relish was fresh watercress.  Watercress is a peppery green often used in salads.  We have not eaten a lot of watercress but we found it to be a nice alternative to the classic burger lettuce.  It added to the avocado relish enhancing the flavor without taking too much attention away from the burger. The Santa Fe Burger was good, but the L.A. Burger was amazing.  It was piled high with toppings and flavor, and it will be added to our top 10 list of best burgers we have ever had.

Since we tried to fries already we decided to give the beer batter onion rings a shot.  The portion size was good with 7 of the largest onion rings we have ever had. The beer batter was tasty but we found the onion rings to be a bit soggy and greasy.  They we decent onion rings but nothing to write home about. It was nice to try them but we would not order them again.

Should Or Should Not Eat:

Bobby's Burger Palace served us one really good burger (Santa Fe) and one great burger (L.A. Burger).  These burgers paired with perfectly cooked fries makes BBP a Should Eat. We can't wait to try some more of these burgers the next time we see a BBP.  If you are near a BBP and have never been stop reading this blog and go get a L.A. Burger.

Restaurant Information:

Bobby's Burger Palace

Uncasville, CT: 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd > 860.862.2277

Website: www.bobbysburgerpalace.com

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Five Guys - Middletown, New York


We are going to break some hearts today with our review of Five Guys.  We have heard a lot of hype about how good Five Guys is, so we had to go check it out. They just opened a new location in Middletown, New York so we stopped by for lunch.

Five Guys opened it's first location in Arlington, Virginia in 1986 and since then they began to spread around the country and by 2003 they were in 46 states and 6 Canadian provinces.  Their secret so to speak is serving only hand-formed burgers cooked to perfection on a grill along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil. 

The Menu:

If you have never been to a Five Guys there are some things about the menu you need to know. The first thing is that the normal Five Guys burger comes with 2 burger patties.  If you are only looking to order a single patty you need to order a Little Burger.  You have the options of ordering a plain burger, cheeseburger, bacon burger and a bacon cheeseburger.  

They also offer a plain hot dog, a cheese dog, a bacon dog and a bacon cheese dog.  If you are not in the mood for meat you can order a veggie sandwich, a cheese veggie sandwich or a grilled cheese.

For all of your meals you have the option of adding any toppings you would like for free.  These topping include mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, relish, chopped onions, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, A-1 sauce, BBQ sauce, or hot sauce.

After you navigate the menu and figure out what you want you then need to decide if you want any of Five Guys hand cut French Fries.  You can order these plain or Cajun Style.  They come in two sizes regular and large.

What We Ate:


French Fries:

Little Bacon Cheeseburger: with tomato, jalapeno, hot sauce and ketchup

Kosher Style Hot Dog: with mustard and ketchup

You are probably wondering what is with the peanuts.  Well Five Guys has big containers full of peanuts for anyone to take while they wait for their orders to be made.  Since everything is made fresh it can take a few minutes to get your food when the place is busy.  We went in at lunch time and the place was packed so the peanuts came in handy and they were good.

We ordered regular size fries, but you would think we got a large.  The nice thing about Five Guys is they give you an order of fries and them top you off with even more.  A regular order is more than enough for 2 people. We have had the Cajun fries and they are pretty good also with a nice amount of spice.

The fries are fresh hand cut potatoes with the skin left on. We actually were not a big fan of these fries. They were under cooked for our taste and greasy.  It may have been due to the amount of people ordering, but the fries should have been cooked longer to get a nice crisp. They also were not seasoned at all.  We are not a huge fan of this type of fry to begin with so we may be a bit biased.  People who like these types of fries have sad they Five Guys makes them well.

As for the burger the first thing you will notice is that it is not visually appealing. Even when eating in the restaurant the burgers are served wrapped in foil. As a result the burger is kind of mashed together. The toppings were all fresh and really helped to improve the burger. The burger patty was very greasy, but it had good flavor.  It reminded us of a Wendy's hamburger.  After a few bites we started to feel sick from all of the grease.  After finishing the burger we did not feel good at all.

Like the burger, the hot dog was not very visually appealing. It was grilled on the flat top and actually had good flavor.  Topped with ketchup and mustard we were pretty happy with the taste of this dog.  We would definitely order this again.  

After eating we did not feel good at all.  The burger was just sitting in our stomach and our bodies were not happy. There was just too much grease in the burger.

Should Or Should Not Eat:

We are sorry to do this but Five Guys gets a Should Not Eat from us.  We were overall just disappointed by our meal.  The Five Guys hype machine is on over drive claiming to have the best burger and best fries all around the country but we disagree whole heartedly. The burgers are your classic fast food burgers grease included, but for double or triple the price. There was nothing special about the burger, except the ability to choose all of your toppings which were very fresh.  The hot dog was tasty and if we were to go back to Five Guys for anything it would be for the Hot Dog.  The fries were mediocre, not the best we have ever had but not the worst.  They do however give you a ton of fries which is a nice touch for the price.  

Five Guys in our opinion is a glorified fast food joint without a drive thru. This is no where close to the best burger we have ever had so we suggest being a bit skeptical if someone tells you Five Guys has the best burger.  Feel free to try it for yourself but we warned you.

Restaurant Information:

Five Guys

Middletown, NY: 469 East Route 211 > 851.341.0350

Website: www.fiveguys.com

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Cesar's Empanada Truck - Brooklyn, New York

Yet again we were down in Williamsburg and guess what, we were hungry.  We wanted to grab a quick snack before having a few drinks on the town. A our friends brought their new puppy Jack out with us, so we opted for street food.  We went in search of the infamous taco truck (we have been waiting to do a post about it), but when we got to where it is usually parked it was missing.  In it's place was this white Mercedes van selling empanadas. We have never heard or even seen this street vendor before, but the line was long so we got on it.

The Menu:

They had a menu consisting of about 17 different empanadas. The majority of empanadas were $2 and a few of them were $3 such as the Shrimp empanada.  At the price of $2 we of course decided to get a couple of them. The most interesting empanada they had listed was a Lasagna Empanada, but they did not have any that day.

What We Ate:

Chicken Empanada

Beef Empanada

*Not Pictured: Sweet Plantain Empanada

These empanadas all came out hot and fresh which is key to a good empanada.  The dough had the perfect balance of crispness from being deep fried, but was also a doughy.  The Sweet Plantain Empanadas were made to order so they came out piping hot.  Unfortunately we did not have the chance to take a picture, but it was very good and would be a perfect dessert empanada. We followed that up with a chicken and then beef empanada. They were both seasoned well and were good but we preferred the chicken empanada over the beef.

While the Empanadas were good, the best part of the meal had to be the hot sauce.  It was very good and had a nice deep heat without being overpowering.  We would love to get our hands on that recipe.

Btw, meet Jack:

Should or Should Not Eat:

These empanadas fall under the Should Eat for us.  They were quick, cheap and a decent quality.  If you see this truck around go grab one and you will be satisfied.  There are much better empanada places around the city, but sometimes convenience trumps trying to find the best ever.  Also, the hot sauce is so good it is worth buying an empanada just to east the hot sauce.

Restaurant Information:

We didn't find too much information about a location for this truck.  It seems that the most common spot for the truck is in Park Slope, but we found it in Williamsburg.

Cesar's Empanada Truck

Park Slope:

Intersection of Hanson & Ashland Places
Atlantic Terminal

BrooklynNY 11217


North 6th and Bedford Ave
BrooklynNY 11211

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Mable's Smokehouse - Brooklyn, New York


Mable's Smokehouse opened up in Brooklyn a little over a year ago.  Since their opening they have quickly become one of our favorite places to drink in Brooklyn.  They are also home to some of the best BBQ we have eaten. Mable's has a very relaxed atmosphere with cafeteria style seating and a nice sized bar. The decor helps transport you from NYC to some roadside BBQ joint in Oklahoma. We can't forget to mention the great tunes that put you in the mood to grab a stool and throw back a couple of Lone Stars. After inhaling the sweet smoky aroma of wood and smoked meat you can't help but place an order.

The Menu:

Mable's has a basic menu which features Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket and St. Louis Style Ribs.  For you vegetarians out there they also offer a vegetarian Sloppy Joe. The pulled pork and brisket can be ordered on a sandwich with 1 side or as a platter with 2 sides. The ribs come as a platter with 2 sides.  For the sides you can choose from BBQ Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Bet’s Best Potato Salad, Collard Greens, Creamy Mac n' Cheese, Borracho Beans or Candied Yams.

What We Ate:

The Brisket Platter: (Beef Brisket, Mac n' Cheese, Candied Yams, small cup of slaw, pickles, jalapenos, sliced onion & Wonder Bread)


Mable's recipes come from co-owner Jeff Lutonsky’s Oklahoman mother and grandmother (Mable herself). These ladies were on to something because this food is delicious.  The brisket platter was piled high with about 7 slices of perfectly cooked brisket.  It was fork tender and had a nice bark thanks to a generous application of dry rub. The bark is a BBQ term which refers to the surface of the brisket after it has been cooked. You will also notice the coveted smoke ring right below the bark of the brisket. The smoke ring refers to the pink ring that is below the bark of the brisket, these are both qualities that any true BBQ connoisseur will look for.  Topping the brisket is Mable's secret BBQ Sauce.  This is a sweet style BBQ sauce that has a nice lip smacking tang to it. This sauce is so good you will find yourself putting it on just about everything. 

To go with our brisket we ordered candied yams and Mac n' Cheese.  The candied yams were soaking in a sauce consisting of butter and brown sugar.  This sweetness helped to provide a nice contrast from the savory flavor of the meat. The yams were cooked to the right consistency and reminded us of Thanksgiving dinner.

The Mac n' Cheese was nothing fancy, which is why it is so good.   Mable's is not trying to wow you with 5 different types of cheese you can't pronounce, let alone ever heard of.  It has a nice creamy texture and reminds us of the Mac n' Cheese we grew up with, even if it was right out of a box. Like we said earlier their BBQ sauce could go on everything, well we added it on top of our Mac n' Cheese.  It sounds like an unusual pairing, but it just works and we suggest giving it a try.

Also served with the platter are some slices of Wonder Bread, Homemade Cole Slaw and a batch of pickles, onions and jalapenos that were all pickled together.  We especially like the pickles and jalapenos that add a nice spice to the meal. 

Should or Should Not Eat:

Mable's offers the type of BBQ that is hard to find outside of BBQ country. There are plenty of places in New York City that claim to have authentic BBQ, but not many of them actually deliver.  Mable's on the other hand "smokes" the competition. They provides great food, cold beers, friendly service and a perfect atmosphere making them a Should Eat.  Take a trip to Mable's and find out for yourself, you may even see us there at the bar drinking Lone Stars

Restaurant Information:

Mable's Smokehouse

Brooklyn: 44 Berry Street > 718.218.6655

Website: www.mablessmokehouse.com

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Moose's Retro Cafe - Goshen, NY

About a month ago Moose's Retro Cafe opened up in Goshen, NY.  Moose's Retro Cafe took over the space formerly occupied by Big Dave's BBQ. The inside has been remodeled to give the restaurant a retro feel to go along with their retro theme. There is a large display case in the restaurant featuring the type of memorabilia and decor you would have found in your old school diners/cafes.

The Menu:

The menu features diner classics with a modern twists. Start off with one of their homemade Mac & Cheese Skillets. You can choose from 9 different options including the Classic (Cheddar & American cheese) or the Spicy Chicken (grilled chicken, hot sauce, cheddar & gorgonzola cheese). 

Not in the mood for Mac & Cheese, get one of their stuffed burgers or a Moose's signature hot dog.  If you look hard enough at the menu you will see that Moose's offers a Tijuana Dog. This is a hot dog wrapped in bacon and deep fried. See Crif Dogs is not the only place doing this, the deep fried hot dog is making it big every where.  Also available are sandwiches, salads, wings and a variety of specialty grilled cheese sandwiches.

No retro cafe would be complete without your classic diner/cafe drinks and Moose's has them all. You can choose a classic milk shake, a soda float or even an egg cream soda.  An egg cream soda is a mixture of milk, seltzer and chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrup.  You can also get a Cherry Lime Rickey.

With so many options we were not sure exactly what to get, but we heard good things about the burgers so we decided to go with the Jalapeno Jack burger.

The Jalapeno Jack Stuffed Burger:

The Jalapeno Jack is stuffed with jack cheese, jalapeno peppers and topped with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. This was hearty burger made with ground chuck beef.  It was cooked perfectly and was very juicy.  You can also see all the layers above with the jack cheese and peppers dripping out of the middle. One of the best things about this burger is the brioche bun.  Besides quality meat, there is nothing in our opinion more important to a good burger than the bun.  The brioche bun is a perfect choice to house this burger.  It was freshly made and was big enough to soak up all of the wonderful burger juices without becoming soggy.  This was a quality burger and we would definitely come back again.  The burger itself was so filling we were not even able to finish all of our meal, though we did eat the entire burger.

We also ordered some of Moose's fries.  The fries were hot and well seasoned.  They serve homemade hand cut fries.  They are the type of fries that still have some potato skin on them.  This type of French fry is not our favorite but these were cooked just right.  If you like hand cut fries you would really enjoy these.

Update: Make sure to check out our Moose's Update below, we went back and tried some more items.

Should or Should Not Eat:

Moose's Retro Cafe offers Goshen a nice new spot to get diner/cafe classics.  The restaurant is very clean with a personable staff.  The food is made with quality ingredients and served quickly.  The menu has so many options it will take more than one visit to try everything Moose's has to offer.  Moose's Retro Cafe is a Should Eat.  We plan to go back very soon to check out the other options they offer, and we will be sure to update you on what we find.  We have our eyes on one of their Mac & Cheese Skillets next.  

Restaurant Information:

Moose's Retro Cafe

Goshen, NY: 47 West Main Street > 845.294.4227

Website: moosesretrocafe.com 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/moosesretrocafe

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Forcella - Brooklyn, New York

A few weeks ago we were down in Brooklyn and our friend told us to check out a place called Forcella. He said it was a pizza place that served flash fried pizza dough.  As soon as he said fried dough we knew we had to try it. 

Forcella is a classic brick oven pizza place that is focused on creating traditional Neapolitan style pizza. They have two locations, the original located in Manhattan is on 334 Bowery St. The second location is in Brooklyn at 485 Lorimer St. We happened to be in Brooklyn, so clearly we stopped by the Brooklyn location.  

Forcella is actually helping fill the void left in Brooklyn once Mortirino's closed down. Motorinio's was also a brick oven pizza place that closed last summer, it was located only a few blocks away from where Forcella is now. 

When we walked in the first thing ws noticed was the brick oven. It is a old-school looking brick oven, glowing red thanks to the coals from the wood.  These ovens get extremely hot and cook pizza in a matter of minutes. We sat down and gave the menu a once over.  They had your typical Italian options from bruschette to salads and multiple types of pizzas.  Everything sounded very good but we already knew that we were going to order the Montanara.

The Montanara is the fabled flash fried pizza. It is a lightly fried and then baked Margherita Pizza.  For those who are not familiar with Margherita pizza, it is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. It is said Margherita pizza was named after Queen Margherita of Italy, on a trip to Naples she was served this pizza which resembled the Italian flag thanks to the tomato (red), mozzarella (white) and basil (green).  

The Montanara

The Montanara was everything you could want from a pizza.  The ingredients were all fresh and of the best quality. The sauce was perfect and was complemented nicely by the homemade mozzarella. The dough was equally crispy and puffy at the same time.  It was not greasy as you might expect after being fried. It was surprisingly light and airy. The pizza did not last very long on table, it was that good.  It was certainly a very unique pizza and worth trying.  It was one of the best brick oven pizzas we have ever had.

Should or Should Not Eat:

Forcella offers quality Neapolitan style pizza with some unique options such as the Montanara. Our food was very fresh and came out extremely fast. The staff was friendly and took care of all of our needs without any hesitation.  Forcella provides the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn with some of the best brick oven pizza in all of New York City.  Forcella is worth checking out and is a Should Eat for us.  

If our recommendation is not enough, Forcella just so happens to be nominated by Time Out NY as Best New Pizza.  The voting is currently going on and should help support our claims that Forcella offers some of the best pizza in New York City.  Cast Your Vote Here

Restaurant Information:

Forcella: La Pizza di Napoli 

Manhattan: 334 Bowery Street >212.466.3300

Brooklyn: 485 Lorimer Steet >718.388.8820

Website: www.forcellaeatery.com/index.html

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Fetch - Warwick, NY

Fetch Bar & Grill prides itself on creating inspired updates of classic American dishes.  They have two locations, one in New York City and one in Warwick, NY.  After getting many recommendations to try Fetch we did just that. We were told rumors of unusual egg rolls that we had to try. We ended up at the Warwick location.

For those of you not familiar with Warwick, it is located about an hour and a half north of New York City.  The area is well know for apples and has a growing number of wineries.  Warwick also has cultivated a nice culinary scene on the main strip leading through its town.  It is on this main strip that Fetch is located.  

The restaurant is a nice size and was packed when we got there. The food comes out quickly so we were able to be seated within five minutes.  The first thing you notice when looking around the restaurant is the dog theme. The walls are covered in pictures and paintings of dogs, which makes sense with a name like Fetch.

The reason for the decor goes a bit deeper than just a cute theme to go with a cute name. The restaurant has teamed up with the local animal society to help care for stray animals and promote awareness in the community. They even provide space in the restaurant for Animal Haven and ASPCA canine rescue to create an Adopt-a-Dog wall.

If your an animal lover you will want to come support this great restaurant, but if your not let us  show you why you NEED to come check out this palce.

Remember when we said something about unusual egg rolls?  Well the rumors were true,  they had both a Philly Cheese Steak Egg Roll and a Thanksgiving Dinner Egg Roll.  We looked at the menu onc and they had us at Thanksgiving Egg Roll!  Are you kidding me?  Who does not love Thanksgiving Dinner, further more who would not want it in an Egg Roll?  

When the waiter came over to the table, before he could even ask if we were ready to order, we were already saying Thanksgiving Egg Rolls .

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls:


These Egg Rolls were one of the best things we have eaten in a long time.  They include every reason why thanksgiving is so delicious while adding a nice fried component.   As you can see above this Egg Roll is layered with all of the proper Thanksgiving Dinner elements.  They start with freshly sliced turkey in gravy.  It is then layered with homemade cranberry sauce.  If that was not enough for good measure they provide you with a healthy portion of stuffing. All of this is then wrapped up and deep fried, which is a perfect way to hold all of these ingredients together, while also providing a nice crispy component to this dish.  The Egg Rolls are then served with a small cup of turkey gravy for dipping.  This dish is just fantastic and has given us more than enough reason to go back again, again and again.

We did not try the Philly Cheese Steak Egg Rolls but they came highly recommended to us, and if they are anything close to these than we say go for it.

Adam's Apple Salad:

Also on the menu was this apple salad that sounded interesting to us.  It came with grilled granny smith apples, spice rubbed pecans, wild mushrooms, crumbled stilton blue cheese and fresh spinach tossed in a house vinaigrette. This salad was a nice complement to the Thanksgiving Egg Rolls.  

The spinach was very crisp and fresh and worked very nicely with the spice rubbed pecans and the mushrooms.  The blue cheese was not over powering and gave the salad some nice contrast in flavor. The only disappointment was that the apples were not as fresh as they could have been. This took a bit away from this dish. If they had been fresh, these apples would have made this salad stand out.  Unfortunately they were not at their peak, but this salad was still very good and despite the apples we would eat this again.

The Turkey Pot:

We don't know what it is but we just can't say no to fresh turkey.  Even after eating all of those Egg Rolls we still ordered Fetch's Famous Turkey Pot.  We figured that we would be so full after all of the other food that we would not be able to finish this entire dish, which mean leftovers.  

We don't think we have to ask but, everybody knows what leftover Thanksgiving items mean right? Yes that's right we are talking about Thanksgiving Sandwiches.  The next day did in fact take our leftovers and do this!  

The picture does not do this meal justice, it even looks a bit unappetizing but that is due to its construction. Trust us, if you like Thanksgiving you will love this.  The pot is filled with fresh oven roasted turkey breast served over cranberry sauce and herbed pan style stuffing.  It is then topped with Harry's onion & mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and finished off with frizzled red onions.  This is a perfect meal especially on a cold winter day. Everything is homemade and you can really taste the difference. 

Should or Should Not Eat:

Fetch has amazing food, great atmosphere and stellar service.  The staff was extremely friendly and on top of our order. The head chef was even walking around to all of the tables saying hello and making sure everyone's meal was good. Fetch takes dishes we are all familiar with and raises them to a new standard.  We name Fetch as a Should Eat!

Restaurant Information:

Fetch Bar & Grill

Manhattan: 1649 Third Avenue >212.298.2700

Warwick, NY: 48 Main Street>845.987.8200

website: fetchbarandgrill.com 

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Crif Dogs - Brooklyn, New York


Crif Dogs is not your average NY Hot Dog eatery.  It's not a cart on the street corner with dogs sitting in "dirty water" (for those who are not aware I do not actually mean they use dirty water, it is just the color the water gets after cooking hot dogs all day long). It's also not a place where you are going to get 2 grill top cooked dogs and a drink for $5, like some other famous NYC hot dog ioints. 

Instead it is a place where you are able to get a hot dog that most people have had before, a Deep Fried dog.

Yes I did just say a deep fried hot dog and that's not all, most of them are wrapped in Bacon or Taylor Ham. Now I bet after reading deep fried hot dog  many of you just said "eww, gross". To those who did we ask, how often have you had something deep fried and it was bad?  

Crif Dogs has two locations, the original is located at 113 St. Marks Place in Manhattan, NY. Their second location is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn located right off the Bedford L Train stop at 555 Driggs Ave.  Both locations offer the same exact lunch/dinner menus and food quality so choose which ever location is closest to you and head out.  The Brooklyn location offers breakfast sandwiches in the morning.

The Menu:

They have an array of hot dog combinations, here are just a few of the ones that stick out.  

The Chihuahua - a Bacon wrapped dog covered with avocados & sour cream

The John-John Deragon - a crif dog with a schmear of cream cheese, scallions & everything bagel seeds

The Tsunami - a house dog, bacon wrapped, with teriyaki, pineapple and green onions

The Jersey Morning - taylor ham wrapped house dog with melted cheese and a fried egg


What We Ate:

A regular Crif Dog wrapped in bacon w/ a side of tater tots

We went here with a group of people most of them were Crif Dog virgins. A few of them were a bit intimidated by the menu and decided to take it easy and just get a classic Crif dog wrapped in bacon.  From our past experience these delicious, pork wrapped dogs are very good.  Crif Dogs also makes some killer tots and waffle fries, but be aware when your order a large they give you a massive amount.


 The Garden State (top) & John-John Deragon (bottom)

Garden State - is a taylor ham wrapped house dog, chopped pepperoncini peppers & American cheese.  The hog dog itself has a great crunch to it thanks to the deep fried bath and layer of taylor ham. The American cheese helps to give it a nice smooth taste,  but it is actually the peppers that really make this dog. The pepperoncinis help break up the salty pork flavor with a sweet and slightly spicy kick.  We highly recommend this one.


John-John Deragon -  We first have to note that our order was modified a bit from the original.  The original John-John is a crif dog with a schmear of cream cheese, scallions & everything bagel seeds.  This was what we were going to order until speaking with the guy working at the counter.  He said the John-John was his favorite dog but he likes to get it with hot sauce.  As soon as he said hot sauce we were sold.  We have had the original in the past and it is very good. Again there is a perfect crunch to the dog thanks to the fryer. The cream cheese is a strange choice but in the end is a perfect compliment to the dog.  Topped of with scallions and everything bagel seeds you feel as if your eating a breakfast sandwich.  Our version had the added component of hot sauce, and it was awesome.  We love hot sauce and it made us wonder why we had not thought of this sooner, in fact we even regretted not adding hot sauce to everything else we got.  Oh well there is always next time, but this dog with hot sauce is just amazing.

We feel it is important to mention that Crif Dogs does offer a vegetarian dog called the veggie special.  It is a veggie dog w/ onions, tomato, cucumber & jalapenos. It is pretty good, says our vegetarian friend.  Crif Dogs also offers a burger which we have not had but will have to try one of these days. 

Should or Should Not Eat:

Crif Dogs is a definite Should Eat. If you like Hot Dogs you will love this place.  Don't be afraid of the crazy toppings, they would not be on the menu if they didn't taste good.  We promise after you visit Crif Dogs once, you will be hooked.

Restaurant Information:

Crif Dogs

Manhattan: 113 st.marks place > 212.614.2728

Brooklyn: 555 driggs avenue > 718.302.3200

Website: www.crifdogs.com

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Aero Mexico - Meals at 30,000 feet

For our first post in our food blog section we have decided to highlight the culinary stylings of Aero Mexico. Here you will learn why it is almost always better to spend $40 in the airport and buy food and snacks for the plane than rely on the airline to provide you a quality meal, unless of course you are in First Class.  

Reality check, how often do you get to sit in first class to begin with? 

Meal Numero Uno - Ham and Cheese Croissant:

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the first meal served on the plane. This is actually a shame because of all the meals, it was probably the best one.   Since my flight took off from JFK at 12:15 am, the meal was served around 2 am.  At this point in the flight I was feeling a tad bit hung over from having a few too many "Sportsmen" before getting to the airport.  I was also stuck sandwiched between two large men that had no concept of personal space.

I was trying my best to sleep off the hangover when I was woken up by a small metal try cover in foil.  I hoped this food would help ease the hangover.  Inside I found a warm ham and cheese croissant and a small thing of peanut crackers.  

The croissant was pretty good as it is hard to mess up ham and cheese.  I did not eat the peanut crackers not knowing what they even were.  I did however keep them for a latter snack.  This meal did little to ease my pain, but it did at least put something in my stomach and held me over till my next meal.


My Second Meal - Scrambled Eggs w/ Chorizo & Potatoes:

As you can see the second meal of the trip was another round of breakfast.  After about a 5 hour layover in the airport in Mexico City (most of which I spent sleeping) I boarded the next plane. I actually started to get pretty hungry and eventually I was brought this lovely tray pictured above.  In retrospect this meal looks very unappetizing, but at that moment I chowed down.  It was scrambled eggs with some type of chorizo, peppers and onions.  I was even lucky enough to get 2 pieces of potato.  The meal also included a dinner roll, chocolate muffin and a mixed fruit cup.

Now the part you are waiting for, how was it?  Well it was not as bad as it could have been, but it was not great.  The egg mess was pretty bland some hot sauce would have been nice.  I also would have liked to have a few more potatoes.  As you can see the potions were small.  Which made me think, how long until we have the "Airplane Diet"?  Eating these perfectly portioned meals with no flavor would probably do wonders for your waistline.  The fruit cup was actually pretty good and it was surprisingly fresh.  The muffin and roll were also pretty standard.  

Even though the meal was mediocre at best I ate it all and very quickly.  I ate it so quickly in fact the lady sitting next to me must have thought I loved the food because she offered me her tray.  She clearly took one look at it and said PASS.  

One other thing I did want to note was that well after eating all of this I started to get worried.  I thought to myself I bet those were powdered eggs, and I hope they didn't use water from Mexico.  I didn't need a bout of Montezuma's Revenge the rest of the flight.  Obviously the airlines think about those types of things and took care of it before preparing the food, but it still had me worried for a bit.


My Third Meal - Arozz con Pollo & Salad: 

The third meal in the sky started with the stewardess asking everyone meat or pasta.  She gave no description of what type of meat or what type of pasta they were serving.  Armed with no information I decided that meat was the way to go. Once I got the tray I saw that it was Arozz con Pollo and I had high hopes that it would be good.  Just like the egg scramble, this dish was very bland.  It was chicken, rice and refried beans in a tomato based sauce.  It was not terrible but if I had the option again I may have gone with the pasta. 

There was also a salad, marble cake and another dinner roll.  What will shock most people that know me is that I actually ate this whole salad. The cake and roll were of decent quality but nothing special.  As the case with all of the other meals so far I cleaned my plate.  


My Fourth Meal - Pasta w/ Salad: 

The fourth meal started with a choice of meat or pasta.  As was the case before, I was given no information about the kind of meat or pasta available to me.  I decided to go with the pasta this time for the sake of the blog.  As it turns out the pasta had what I guess you could consider a red sauce on it.  I say this because after eating it I am not even sure what it was.  It had no flavor whatsoever.  This dish basically tasted like plain pasta.  

Again there was a salad, some sort of fruit pastry, a dinner roll and a package of crackers.  To be fair I didn't touch this salad.  It looked bad and I had no desire to give it the college try.  I opened the crackers but they were very dry so I passed on finishing them.  I ended eating the pastry which was ok, it tasted like apple but I am not positive.  This meal looked like it had potential but it left me disappointed.


My Fifth Meal - Steak & Potatoes: 

My last meal was the most interesting and disappointing.  After being on the plane all day long and well after eating the bow ties above we were served this.  It was all a bit suspicious because there was no choice this time, only meat.  Not that it mattered to me so I opened it up and that's when I realized everything was cold. I got 3 slices of some sort of steak covered in an yellow sauce.  I have no idea what it was but it was also all over the cold vegetables.  These vegetables included potatoes, peas, broccoli and a tomato slice.  We had the standard diner roll and a tiramisu style dessert. 

The steak was cold which didn't make much sense, not my ideal dinner. The vegetables were also served cold and did little to enhance the meal.  The tiramisu was ok, but since I am not a big fan of tiramisu it also did not do much for me.  This meal was an major let down.  As a result I had to get some food in the airport when I landed.  


As many of you have already known or gathered from this blog, plane food is not very good at all.  From my experience the breakfast meals were the best. Next time you are on a flight bring your own food if possible, if not you are in for a similar adventure.